About ClearOptics

Company Profile

ClearOptics B.V. was founded on January 28, 2022. A young company with over 100 years of experience in microscopy. How is that possible?

Olympus* Scientific Solutions Division (SSD) has decided to outsource its service activities in Europe to external companies. After this decision, we, four Dutch engineers, offered to take over the work at Olympus Europe.
The European board of Olympus* knows the qualities of the Dutch team and has therefore responded positively to this offer.
From April 1, 2022, ClearOptics BV will be responsible for service activities throughout the Benelux.

ClearOptrics is the exclusive service partner of Olympus* SSD and carries out preventive maintenance and repairs for the Olympus microscopes.
We also install newly sold systems and carry out inspections on Industrial Olympus Video Endoscopes.

*) As of April 1, 2022, the name of Olympus Europe SSD has been changed to Evident Europe SSD.

Our Method

It is our mission to be as close as possible to the customer: accessible and a high quality standard as the basis for good service.
We stand for a personal approach in which the wishes of the customer come first:

“Say what you do, do what you say and prove it”

Quality Management

As a provider of maintenance, we have to deal with the most diverse legislation and regulations in the field of quality, safety and hygiene.
Because not only we, but also our customers, have to comply with these laws and regulations, we have a single point of contact for all necessary documentation in the field of certification.

General Delivery Conditions

Our General Terms and Conditions of Delivery* have been filed with the Chamber of Commerce via FMed, Federation of Medical Technology Companies, under number 40507573.

*) FR, DE, EN

Our Team

Roland Hoefnagels - Management
Roland Hoefnagels - ManagementField Service Engineer
The ‘youngest’ engineer within ClearOptics has extensive experience in industrial and professional printers. He also is an expert in the field of Microsoft Windows.
Roland worked for Olympus SSD for five years. Besides the maintenance of the regular microscopes, he does the installation and repair of the Olympus slide scanner VS200.
Ted Steffens - Management
Ted Steffens - ManagementField Service Engineer
Ted’s technical foundation lies in pedicure instruments and made a long time ago the switch to Olympus SSD.
In addition to the maintenance of microscopes, Ted has earned his spurs within Olympus in the sales of microscopes.
Bart uit den Bogaard - Management
Bart uit den Bogaard - ManagementField Service Engineer
After his education in precision mechanics Bart gained his first technical experience at the AMC.
Looking for development, Bart joined Olympus SSD as a Field Service Engineer. Bart specializes in HihgEnd and Advanced microscopy and has also held the position of Field Service Manager in recent years.
Dick Duiker - Management
Dick Duiker - ManagementField Service Engineer
Dick is educated in mechanical engineering and medical technology and started his career at Olympus SSD in the early 1980s. The first years at the head office, but soon as a Field Service Engineer Microscopy. He has developed in both regular, HighEnd and Advanced microscopy and is responsible for the Field Service inspection and repair of industrial video endoscopy.