Microscope Maintenance

The maintenance of your optical instruments can be divided into two categories: preventive and corrective.

Preventive maintenance

This is designed to minimize the potential for failures and errors, ensuring maximum return on your investment in laboratory equipment.
Failures are always annoying and unexpected. But a structured program of regular maintenance reduces the chance of failure and lowers the operational costs of the system.
The frequency of preventive maintenance depends on several factors:

  • the type of equipment,
  • the environmental factors: conditions in the laboratory; the importance of the system to your business; the degree of use.

ClearOptics proposes a preventive maintenance frequency based on your information, which fits your needs.
The planning for preventive maintenance is always in consultation.
After performing the maintenance, a functionality test follows. You will then receive a maintenance and inspection report from ClearOptics.

Corrective maintenance

If your system fails or your results are not as expected, one of our experienced technicians can quickly be on site for corrective maintenance.
As a result, the downtime of your system can be minimized and you can continue as soon as possible.